The prayer of Mayra & John

Mayra .M

I pray God will open our eyes to see the way he wants us to go and that we will be lead and guide by the holy spirit that God will make a way for us to grow in his word and to be in his presence, Jesus have your way with us and please let your mercy and grace be with us everyday Amen

John . M. L

Lead us lord into your truths and deliver us from sins, forgive us and pardon our faults we want to serve you and worship you. Show us the way to go and keep us in your presence Amen



2 thoughts on “The prayer of Mayra & John

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  1. Amen I pray this nite that the angels of haven is upon us wacthing and carring us through I pray for God will to be done in our lifes and for protection from the evil spirits and people that the devil use to attack us and our family I pray that God will bring us closer to him every day that our eyes will be open and we will see his will and the way he wants us to go God pls be the centre of our lifes and bring us to that place where we can be full of ur holly spirit and empty of our selfs let us be in love with u consume in ur precense and let nothing pr no one come in between our realation ship with u lord I pray that ur shild and ur armer is covering us right now that no darkness will take over in our life but ur bright light and ur salt and ur words will cover us and keep us from all evil I plea ur blood and ur hands over our lifes and our family and friends let there be salvation ,restoration and deliverace in Jesus mighty name I pray amen


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