Children Morning Prayers

  • a children’s prayer for the day ahead Dear Father God,

    Help me to hear you today.
    To hear your joy in the birds songs.
    To hear your heart in the chattery voices
    To hear your voice in the quiet
    Help me to hear you today.


  • Child’s PrayerDear God most high, hear and bless
    Thy beasts and singing birds:
    And guard with tenderness
    Small things that have no words.

    God made the sun,
    And God made the trees,
    God made the mountains,
    And God made me.
    Thank you O God,
    For the sun and the trees,
    For making the mountains,
    And for making me.

  • Now, before I run to play,
    Let me not forget to pray
    To God who kept me through the night
    And waked me with the morning light.
    Help me, Lord, to love thee more
    Than I ever loved before,
    In my work and in my play
    Be thou with me through the day.
  • Dear Jesus,Help us to jump into this new day
    With a song of joy in our hearts.
    Fill me with energy and hope
    Holding tightly to your hand
    Excited to share another day with you.


  • God Hear My Prayer

    God in heaven hear my prayer,
    keep me in thy loving care.
    Be my guide in all I do,
    Bless all those who love me too.

  • Hi, it’s me, just come to pray
    And thank you for a fun filled day!
    You’ve been with me, so I know you’ve seen
    All the great exciting things.
    But also when I’m sad or cross
    I know you love me, no matter what!
    So help me rest and go to sleep
    And feel the peace of your love for me.Amen.

    (A children’s prayer from

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