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I was there in a quiet place with nothing to say, all I had was pain a type of pain, i cant explain. All i can say it was intense, it was insane all I wanted was the pain to go away.

Every morning I walk through the sea I no longer see His foot print, it left me desperately, and i began to plea asking Jesus why did u leave me?

Lord please i can’t do it on my own, Jesus come back help me, I no longer want to live in sin, I am full of chains all the way up to my chin. I need to be free to look at the sand and see your foot print, Lord Jesus you said you would never leave or forsake me. And now when I look at the sand only see my set of foot prints.

Where have u gone? where are u Lord? Please answer me, Instantly I fell on my knees and started to plead desperately crying, asking Jesus please rescue me.I know I have walked away from Thee, but Lord please hear me. Than straight away I heard a voice say

“The set of foot prints you see they not yours they mine. My child you are in my arms, I am carrying you through all your storms,trails and sin, I won’t ever leave or forsake thee.  Oh no my child it is your heart that torn away from me, I will always remember the words you spoken when u first come to me,  I was there, I heard you and I saw the place you was in, you was lost and broken but remember I set you free”

“My child you must remember my fathers words for it is written, backslider I am married to thee, I won’t ever leave, I am here to tell you repent come back and I will provide you with all u need to fight Satan and get back all he stole from thee. My child I will feel you with the Holy Spirit so you will have the strength to fight and have victory. My daughter all I ask is to obey, to leave clean, to hear my voice and follow me”

It was then, I began to worship my king, I start to weep and repent for all my sins, in that place I realized how stupid it was to walk away from a living King who had died for my sins, to go back to a world where there was nothing left for me.

I now thank you my Jesus for all that pain I was in, for it was the pain, what brought me back to my king. Now being back in the game no longer insane, I’m now doing your works enjoying your embrace, I’m no longer a slave to sin oh no, now I live under your grace, thank you my King Jesus for the price you paid.

By Mayra De Moraes


2015 ,PHC wandsworth

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